Are you lucky and WITHOUT xmas stress but plenty of time to celebrate with us? 🙂
We have three beautiful and all very different offers for you on Winter Solstice:

Friday, 20 Dec from 6 – 8.30pm: 
The Midnight Dancer. Welcoming the Solstice ~ Solstice Ritual ~ Mythic Meditation ~ Rebirth Dance Journey. A manifestation inspired dance with wild travelling spirit Jen Amor. Read up more HERE.

Saturday, 21 Dec from 3 – 5pm:
Shine Your Inner Light. A Winter Solstice Yoga Workshop with Puck.

Sunday, 22 Dec from 3 – 6pm:
2nd Hands-on Workshop on practical tools for Self Growth & Self Empowerment with Lisa Francesca Lewak. This time it is all about your personal ceremonies & rituals for conscious letting go & inviting the New.

Detailed descriptions for the Friday and Sunday event to be published in due course. For Saturday, please follow the above given link.

>>>> And safe the date also for the very special gathering on Sunday, the 29th December at 5pm  when William & Keziah will unpack plenty of interesting Winter Stories, full of details from ancient mythology.