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Feel welcome to join this Introduction to Light Language – the alphabet of the universe – as taught by the Curanderos Lineage, an uninterrupted lineage of 25 generations of Mayan shaman healers.

Experience sacred geometry and colours that transform your reality!

Light Language is the language of creation, of manifestation of all forms and appearances in this world. Everything that you feel, think and experience – before it appears in your life, already “lives” in your aura as coloured sacred geometry.

This workshop is an introduction to the powerful shamanic Mayan wisdom, which until recently has been kept as a secret in a healers tribe in the center of Mexico. Now this wisdom is accessible for all who wish to expand their perception of reality, to empower their vital expression, and make meaningful positive changes in their life.

What will happen during this event?

* You will be introduced to the origin of Light Language, how it is used, and the benefits of these teachings.
* You will receive an energetic initiation to 2 sacred shapes and 1 colour, so that you can experience and taste this energy directly, and see how it makes you feel.
* A demonstration will be given on how we can write a highly vibrational prayer using the codes of this light language – to transform our reality and heal core issues that are standing in our way of fulfillment and joy.

Even though it is “just” an introductory session, this knowledge is so powerful and pure: Therefore, just by being in the resonance field of this teaching, healing, purification and clear seeing take place.


Investment in the session is by conscious heart donation.