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There is a place inside the heart where we can truly rest.
Where we don’t have to do or be anything.
Where the fountain of life is constantly naturally flowing.
A place where rejuvenation and transformation can take place without strife.
A place that is always there.
Mehan offers guided meditations and explorations to ground ourselves in the seat of our heart space.
To learn to really rest within.
To make peace with the zero point.
To be comfortable with our feelings.
To deepen our awareness and sense of joy.
It is true that we can do it alone, but it’s much more fun and powerful to be together.
Mehan is a healer and a meditation coach and has been leading private sessions and healing circles for the past 13 years. His guidance is gentle, honouring, clear and direct, inviting humanity
and divinity to dance as one within a unique healing space.