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Become part of the solution, not the problem.
If you want to learn more about the climate crises we’re facing, the growing momentum of individuals to engage in changing the course of our human survival, how this impacts your own little personal life and near future, and what you can do about it to be part of the solution – This event is for you.
In this presentation and Q&A I intend to focus on:
– Our current situation – reality vs. stories – what is the science (and Greta) really saying.
– What are the most urgent priorities to tackle this impossible task we have to save our species.
– How this impacts all of us on an individual basis, from our financial equity to our geographic location in the Algarve, daily decisions, and more.
– Next steps to support this effort and be part of the change.
This structure is subject to change according to what questions you bring and who shows up.
It is a only the beginning – we will not cover everything in 3h. If we see we need more events like this, weekly update, or splitting into smaller groups to move things forward I will accommodate that.
The event is free or on donation.
All contributions will be funneled to either 350.org or Conservation International (conservation.org)
The Time has come.
“Winter IS here”.
With love and gratitude <3
PS the language will be English.
Translation help needed: If you know you can come and you want to help with translation to other languages, incl. Portuguese, please let me know.
— Background —
I’ll be posting this on the discussion thread in the event page and you can check out my fb page and personal wall for the last weeks posts – there’s a lot there.
Here are some links:
— About me — Boaz Capsouto
Armed with a B.Sc. in Geology and Environment and an MBA plus substantial background in Business, Marketing, Innovation, Activism, Alternative holistic healing, Education, Sexuality, Tantra, Sufi and much more… I’ve been living my past 10 years on an intense personal journey with a deep knowing that I’m preparing for something greater than myself.
Now… the time has come.
Our personal and collective awakening and transformation are needed today more than ever before.
For years my deepest talent has been connecting dots, ideas, people, industries and now it is all coming into place for a greater (MUCH greater) good.
I’ve been following the climate issues for the past 30 years in a variety of ways and was following Greta since she started her lone school strike. When the last IPCC SR15 UN report came out, and the movement behind Greta grew dramatically on a global scale, I was thinking what can I do more, and now.
She said “educate yourself”.
so I did.
I went back to the science, the personal and global implications of it, and that was all I needed to know she is right – THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE.
We have 8 years before this will be irreversible and probably less if you consider all the the actual data (I’d say more like 4 years).
So, at the moment I am allocating 50-75% of my time and energy to this. And more specifically I am here to:
– Help others educate themselves, hence this presentation.
– Build a professional task force to support the scientific and global effort for urgent change.
– Learn, Inform, create, support more movement of this momentum forward and from protest to action.
This talk is my local way of spreading the word and connecting the dots for you, along with building the reservoir for the next steps soon to come from protest to action.
If you feel called, please join.
PS no trolling or BS will be tolerated. If you genuinely want to learn and join the team to change our human trajectory, please come. Doubts and critical thinking are important, but the time for endless debate has come to an end. Change is coming. We all struggle with Change and we all have doubts. But if your doubts are stronger than your willingness to be part of the change, please just get out of the way (sorry for sounding harsh).