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OR: How to access your back body
During this 2-hour workshop we will learn the many benefits to forward bends, both standing and sitting. Firstly they create length and space in the spine, counteracting compression, and their inward nature can promote introspection. Yet forward bends can also be a challenge to many of us, especially if we experience tight hamstrings. Common physical patterns, such as overstretched back muscles and rounded shoulders (most likely from sitting in front of a computer for hours) are often exacerbated in forward bending poses.

Yoga can help us dissolve patterns so we can uncover fresh ways of looking and experiencing ourselves. This multifaceted awareness about how we move can help us cultivate a deeper, richer yoga practice, allowing us to discover new ease in our forward bends.
Please reserve your space with either Puck or with InLight:
text/ whatsapp to (+351) 913 127 421 or email to info @ inlight.pt
Puck is a senior Yoga teacher who has been teaching at InLight for many years. With a deep knowledge of different Yoga lineages, such as traditional Hatha, Yin and mainly Iyengar Yoga, her practice is fueled by a commitment to live healthfully and without pain. Her teachings are all about finding balance. She is also deeply inspired by the sense of self-discovery, we go within to explore the best possibly version of ourselves.