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Join our experienced meditation teacher Helen Briggs every Sunday morning at 11.00am for a Guided Meditation session to enter into a calm and peaceful state, one step at a time. Each week will be a different type of meditation, including visualization, chakras, mindfulness, mantras, yoga nidra, and much more – according to the needs of the participants.

Practise powerful ways of going deeper within to the healing meditative state.
The meditation sessions focus on helping to silence our minds so that we can listen to our hearts. You will learn meditation techniques that you can use anytime anywhere whenever you need to return to a calm and peaceful state.

This will be a time to develop a different relationship with your thoughts and empty the mind from the impressions of the previous week, so that we can listen more clearly to our hearts and inner guidance….. a space to expand your awareness and to consciously create your week ahead.

Meditating together recharges the batteries, improves concentration, reinforces and maintains the motivation to continue the individual practice of meditation.No previous experience is required to attend these sessions. No specific clothing required, just come in normal comfortable clothing and remove outdoor footwear.