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Join us for a workshop

  • to embrace yourself, embrace the elements, embrace each other, from the Heart
  • to move and connect from All that Is: with earth, water, fire, air, wind, light, time and space
  • to Be who you are, to Feel, Create, Love and Being Loved, Play, See and Know…
  • to enjoy, to dance, to breathe, Alone and Together

We start from our grounding and centering, breathe and flow from our sensitiveness, wake up our fire power, listen to our heart, dis-cover the child and the playfulness in ourselves, re-member our source of light and freedom.

 More info and booking with InLight via email or whatsapp/text (+351/913.127.421) OR directly with info@templeoftheearth.org

Energy exchange: conscious contribution between €25 – €35 according to your true means

Detailed info on the facilitators Veerle Phara & Yves HERE and/or in the organizer link to this event.