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Welcome to this free interactive online Group Chanting which we are planning to hold every Sunday at 6pm Lisbon/ London UK time from now!
Please find more info about preparing and setting up for this interactive online session here: http://inlight.pt/guidelines-for-live-streaming-classes/
To access the interactive group meditation via zoom – without registration – use this link:
During a vocal sound meditation we use devotional sounds to bring the mind to focus and to experience our essence. We will share different sound practices (reciting a mantra, chanting sacred vowel tones or seed syllables like OM) which hold a specific potency, like a frequency medicine. Sitting in a circle and chanting continuously for 30 – 40 minutes, we will come into a calm, sometimes trance-like state. The silence that follows afterwards is very inducive to dive into a deep meditative experience.

Meditating together recharges the batteries, improves concentration, reinforces and maintains the motivation to continue the individual practice of meditation. No previous experience is required to attend these sessions. No specific clothing required, just come in normal comfortable clothing and remove outdoor footwear.

The two meditation facilitators who will take turns are Daniela and Karuna.


Description of some meditation techniques offered during the upcoming Sunday mornings:

Toning Meditation:

Toning most frequently describes the use of elongated vowel sounds to create resonance, harmony and balance. It is the basis for producing vibrational shifts for health and transformation. Toning is a simple and natural concept and a powerful tool to resonate our physical and subtle bodies.

As we project our sounds on the center line of our bodies for, we automatically draw all of our subtle bodies into alignment leaving us remarkably centered and aligned. During this mediation we will tone one or several sacred vowels (like OM) for 30 – 40 minutes and come into silence afterwards.

Tibetan Seed Syllables of the Warrior Mind:

According to the ancient Bon Buddhist tradition, the first sounds that arose from the essence were five seed syllables. These syllables are known as warrior syllables. The term warrior refers tot he ability to conquer the forces of negativity. Sacred sound has the power to eliminate obstacles, clear emotional blocks and eliminate negative thoughts that prevent us from being our authentic self in any given moment.

In the practice we chant each syllable in sequence (A – OM – HUNG – RAM – DZA), focusing on a corresponding energy center in the body, and repeating the sequence. You are invited to bring your personal intentions to the practice, what you would like to open, clear and transform within yourselves.

OM Meditation:

Meditation with OM, the primordial sound, the source of all other sounds, and the source of all creation. Tuning in to OM brings about inner peace, mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical health. We will sit in a circle and chant OM continuously for minimum 30 minutes with our individual breath length and pitch.
Usually beautiful additional voices are observed by the participants, and several stages of the shift in energies. Be aware that this is a powerful individual, group but also global practice through which high frequency vibrations of Oneness are spread in the whole area.