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Following the principle that everything is energy, frequency, vibration, the Sound Journey is an invitation to awaken the senses, enabling the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual balance of our Being.

Through the various instruments – Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Crystal Pyramid, Handpan, Tam-Tam, Feng Gong, Zaphir, Shamanic Drum, Ocean Drum, Shruti Box, Koshi, Rav Drum, Voice – we reach a state of deep relaxation, self-awareness and expansion of consciousness, among other sensory experiences.

It is a true sonic bath that revitalizes, relaxes and harmonizes every cell, every atom of our bodies. It’s an Inner Journey guided by the power of Intention, Sound and its Healing Frequencies.

Please reserve your seat with InLight ASAP by email or text/whatsapp to +351/913 127 421,
and plan to arrive a few minutes before the start to settle into the space.