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How can we develop the skills to maintain connection and compassion, when we are tempted to turn away? How can we foster meaningful connection based on mutual understanding and empathy? How can we create a sense of belonging together?

In this introductory workshop, led by Jazz Meyer, we’ll explore the fundamentals of Nonviolent Communication, as well as skills in conflict resolution and self-empathy. By creating a safe space together, we will explore vulnerability in a way that inspires connection, trust, and empathy. Through a series of games and exercises, we’ll discover the liberation of self-acceptance, presence within ourselves and with each other, and empathy towards all beings.

What is Nonviolent Communication?

Nonviolent Communication is both a philosophy and a methodology designed to bring people into meaningful and compassionate contact. It inspires us to approach all interactions with empathy – both for ourselves and for each other.

Since its inception, NVC has been used worldwide to resolve conflicts, from Catholic-Protestant conflicts in Ireland, to fundamentalist religious groups in Israel.


Why this workshop?

In a world often divided by conflict and isolation, many of us are feeling helpless to affect change. We believe each of us is propelled by a deep desire to connect and belong, but that we express those needs in often tragic ways.

In the experience of millions of people using NVC, these rifts can be healed through empathy and understanding of universal human needs. Through tools such as Nonviolent Communication, we can tap into compassion to induce a shift in our interpersonal relationships – a shift that ripples through our broader spheres of influence to affect social change.


Sliding scale 30-80€, pay according to your means. If you struggle to contribute the minimum amount but still feel that NVC would be valuable to you, please contact Jazz Meyer who wants NVC to be available to everybody, regardless of financial means.

For more information, please email jazz.m.meyer@gmail.com