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During this 2 hour workshop you learn how to access yoga poses in a holistic and beneficial way. You will learn how to strengthen your practice and improve your confidence. This will help you develop a clear understanding of how to apply key alignment and concepts to your unique physical structure.

The workshop will include demonstration, discussion and assisted and non – assisted adjustments. To get the most out of an asana practice one must be in precise alignment for that particular pose. When performing asanas, correct body alignment allows the body to move and develop harmoniously in an anatomically correct way. Furthermore, correct body alignment prevents pain or injury. As all bodies are different, emphasis on correct body alignment will enable students to discover their own strengths and weaknesses. If the focus on alignment is missing, strong areas of the body continue to get stronger and the weak areas of the body are often neglected and remain weak. In muscle pairs (agonist/antagonist), if either muscle of a pair becomes stronger than its opposite, an increased risk of muscle injury arises. We will go through some of the most practiced asanas, and approach them with fresh eyes.

Spots are limited so please register asap either directly with Puck or with InLight.