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In this session we will focus on unblocking our abundance.

Source energy is constantly flowing through us, manifesting as abundance of connection, creativity, money, possibilities, and much more. When we “block” this flow, we experience a sense of lack in our reality. Therefore, when we ask for more abundance, it is never about striving for something external, because abundance is actually always here.

The wisdom lies in letting go of limitations that prevent us from recognizing abundance and experiencing it, and in allowing the flow of abundance to reach any area of our life.

In this session we will jointly
– let go of limiting beliefs regarding abundance
– reconnect to the natural flow of prosperity
– say goodbye to whatever keeps us restricted
– create a new energetic pattern that can allow us to truly receive and truly give, as one complete flow.

ThetaHealing® is reminding us of the profound connection with the Source energy and our ability to heal and create in this energy. It is guiding us gently to see what beliefs we hold that keep us limited and enables us, while in the Theta state, to release old beliefs and to more easily access the realization of what we are here to do and to BE.

Also, during the time we are in the Theta state, our brain wave activities allow us to rejuvenate and gain more clarity and peace. Profound healing can happen.