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Welcome to this live streaming interactive Vinyasa Flow Yoga class with Andrea Bognar and her refreshing Jivamukti Yoga background!
Please find more infos on how to set up and register for InLight’s classes here: http://inlight.pt/guidelines-for-live-streaming-classes/
The zoom link to access this online class is

https://zoom.us/j/873088914 Enjoy!

Vinyasa means “flow” in Sanskrit. This specific style of yoga originates from Pattabhi Jois’ Ashtanga Yoga, but in a Vinyasa class there is freedom to explore and allow the practice to unfold, rather than following a preset “series” of poses.

This class consists of a powerful continuation of flowing movements, synchronized with the breath. Vinyasa classes at InLight are suitable for more regular practitioners with a good physical condition. However, the pace of the class will be adjusted to the needs of the class participants, the vibe and energy. 🙂

Benefits: Great for the cardiovascular system and for building strength and endurance. Detoxification, re-energising, balancing of the hormones, calming the mind.