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Warm welcome for a one hour Anapana meditation sitting, with guidance and instruction as per the original teaching of Dhamma, by the Guatama Buddha.
In the observation of a universal principle, the breath, the wisdom of impermanence is accentuated and equanimous presence realized. Consciousness of being is pure by nature. By removing habits of attachment and aversion, we restore our original intelligence – we remember true and everlasting happiness.
All levels of meditators are very welcome without fee.
Facilitator background:
Nitram Namahs is a practitioner of strong determination on the quest for purification and the evolution of consciousness. Through following a straight edge plant based consumer lifestyle, sustaining Toltec and Hermetic teachings and scrupulously investigating the inherent principles of nature, Nitram integrates and invites those willing to discover the infinite potential of creative liberation in super-normal actuality.
No registration necessary. Free of charge.