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Warm invitation to join this online Workshop for Self-Empowerment with Mehan on this special global portal day of 442020!

In the journey of embodying our higher wisdom there are 3 main essences that profoundly support us in opening up to the gifts and potentials of life:

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Pure listening 

For many of us it is easy to experience the beauty and the light of our being during meditation, ceremonies, and sacred spaces, yet when it comes to the mundane aspects of living, money,  relationship challenges, offering our services, talents and gifts, etc, our experience tends to change.

In this workshop we will activate and empower the 3 essences that allow us to live more fully what we already know. 

Living from a space of TRUST can relax our entire nervous system and brings greater flow and access to new potentials of abundance.

TRULY COMMITTING to what your soul is already committed to, brings immense focus and opens the gateways of your path.

Multi dimensional LISTENING brings forth more compassion and opens our antennas to the magic and the cosmic intelligence. Then life becomes less a struggle and more of a dance.

We will go through a group healing, clearings on the cellular level, and expand our capacity to live our higher self in every day life.

Join us for this aligning session and continue 2020 with a bust of clarity and joy!

Duration: depending on number of participants about 2 – 2.5hrs

Sliding energy exchange according to your true means: €12 – 22 payable via PayPal to Light.i.am.online@gmail.com
REGISTRATION is required with InLight at your earliest convenience: text/whatsapp to (+351)913.127.421 or email to info@inlight.pt
We will then give you the link with which to access this interactive online workshop via zoom (free software to be installed on your device).

About Mehan:
Mehan is an intuitive healer and a spiritual coach who has being working with individuals and groups for the past 14 years. He uses theta healing, channeling, light language (mayan wisdom) and coaching. Mehan offers a unique space where healing and awakening to our true nature can occur simply and with ease.