Warm greetings to all our sisters & brothers during these special times that force us to stay at home, in intense but often also heart warming confrontation with the essential things in life!
Many among the InLight teachers as well as healers have started to offer interactive online sessions and especially DAILY live streaming classes with even more classes than before the pandemic (download Schedule as pdf HERE). Below is a first overview of what you need to know to join in. If you want to try out a class and decide afterwards whether you’d like to continue, please get in touch as well.

Please tell your friends around the world about this new possibility to attend daily inspiring strengthening classes with our great InLight teachers from the comfort of your home. There is plenty of space in our online classes. The quality of your audio and video depends on your personal wifi or mobile connection.
We are currently working on streamlining both the registration and payment process. Please be patient, we appreciate your understanding!_/\_

+ Download the free zoom software prior to the class: https://zoom.us/support/download
+ Let InLight know from which email address you wish to log on to which online class & which payment plan you prefer (see below).
+ Join a few minutes early by clicking on the class link that will either be sent to you or – especially if you choose the monthly payment plan of €33 (for unlimited access of daily classes – limited intro offer till 3rd April!) – find the link automatically in your email if you have signed up for the unlimited class version. For other payment options, please contact InLight ideally at least 1 hour prior to class for the link.
+ Place your laptop/ computer screen, smart phone from which you log onto zoom, in a good position near your mat – mostly we recommend to have the device camera placed to your side, if you want the teachers to see you well in able to correct you. But of course you can also join without sharing your video with the online classroom.
+ During the class you want to make sure to be on “SPEAKER VIEW” by selecting from the Zoom menu at the top right corner (or top left corner on ipads). The “speaker view” allows you to see the teacher enlarged to follow the class.
+ Check audio and video function at bottom left menu bar (by clicking on arrows next to audio/video icons you can adjust your settings – You can choose to join in with your video on or off.
+ Enjoy the chat function with other participants and the teacher prior to the class (about 15min. before class start)! – The presetting will make you log onto the virtual classroom with video & audio off, so it is up to you to share especially your video, if you want corrections during the class.
+ Last but not least, we kindly ask you to remain MUTED during the class so that the others don’t hear possible background noise from you. If you attend a small class and might have a quick question, it might be okay to unmute yourself. Thank you & see you!


Please find the new InLight Online class fees HERE.

New online fees for now:
€33 per month as of 21.3.2020
€10 for 1 class
€32 for 4 classes
€50 for 10 classes
We use up the value from your prepaid InLight cards first, except you prefer otherwise.

If you would like to donate to enable others to join the classes who currently are without funds, please notify us about your donation and we are happy to give you proof of how we use your generously donated amount.

If you currently find yourself in a position where you have to keep your outgoings to top essential things only but know that you would benefit from our classes, please do contact us and discuss other options to join. 
NB: For all those who don’t want to join us online, please note that your prepaid cards will stay valid throughout.

. _/\_

PAYMENT is possible via
+ Using up a previously purchased InLight card (please email your preference to info@inlight.pt – we are always happy to give you the latest info about how many classes you have left). We will calculate 75% from prepaid classes to pay for one online class OR take from it the value of the monthly unlimited – according to what payment option you choose.
+ PayPal to info@inlight.pt
+ Bank transfer to either Portuguese CA with NIB 004571944025522168565
or IBAN PT50004571944025522168565 on name of K Manning

In case of any question, please get in touch with InLight via

+ whatsapp/ text/ phone to (+351) 913 127 421
+ email to info@inlight.pt
In case you don’t hear back from us by email, check your spam folder or resend to inlightlagos@gmail.com.
We’ll be happy to help you to the best of our capacities. Blessings!