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Family & Systemic Constellations


One on One Constellation sessions may work on issues with your family of origin or current family, or any other system in which we operate (professional, social) and where we encounter difficulties of any kind. Even situations such as moving house, quitting smoking, etc. and emotions like anger or fear can be set up to help you understand what is hidden in these situations and emotions and how to deal with them with a new understanding.

With the help of objects that represent you and the different people and/or emotions involved, we look at your situation in the family or network.

You will be asked to place the representative objects in what is called the field (i.e. a dedicated space). The essence and truth of the situation will be revealed and a new understanding takes place. Come and discover this powerful tool! 

Receive guidance with the systemic constellation towards more harmony and balance.

Therapist: Suzanne Cerutti (French, English)
Price: 1st session (1.5 hours) – 75€
Follow up sessions (1 hour) – 60€




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