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Five Elements Acupuncture

Five Elements acupuncture is a potent and unique form of acupuncture as it works to treat root cause of health imbalances rather than symptoms alone. This enables an overall renewed sense of vitality and vigour, increased energy, greater enjoyment of life, better sleep and improved digestion.
Five Elements treatment is also unique because alongside balancing our internal physiology it also considers the relationship we have with the world around us. Any significant imbalance in how we engage life around us can be identified as putting strain upon corresponding functions within the body.
The insertion of fine needles into specific points stimulates those organs and functions of the body to regain balance. In addition it also works to affect our mental and emotional health; – a great deal of what we experience in our mind and emotions is influenced from stress within the organs within the body and the emotional effect of experiences that we’ve been involved in.
In addition to the more common physical ailments, others seek treatment for many other reasons; some come with stress-related disorders or to help manage the effects of mental and emotional conflict in their lives; others because they just don’t feel ‘right’ or have lost touch with a sense of creativity and peace, or simply to just generate an even greater sense of well being as acupuncture is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.
Acupuncturist:  Richard Brook
Contact details: (+351) 964.446.493 or ​(+44) 7815.837.679
Price: 1st session €45 (up to 90 minutes) & €40 for Follow-up (up to 60 minutes)




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