InLight is thrilled to host the first KAP workshops with certified facilitator Alina Cristina Buteica in the Algarve!
KAP (the Kundalini Activation Process) is a revolutionary energy healing and balancing modality, founded by Venant Wong.

The process is designed in a way to allow people, in an easy and non-invasive manner, by simply surrendering to the flow of energy moving through them, to move past emotional and energetic blocks in their body and activate their own natural kundalini (life force energy). KAP transmutes stagnant energy and blocks held within the body (rigid thought patterns, negative emotions, toxins, etc.) and activates one’s energy system (chakras and meridians), increasing your overall wellbeing. Over a few sessions, you may also experience deep states of expanded consciousness and non-duality, as well as feeling liberated and empowered, more embodied than ever before.

Watch an introductory video HERE.

Curious and wanting to enrol with Alina? – The first workshop on 1st August at InLight left all participants super shiny, glowing & happy. Now Alina is offering another KAP workshop with transmission on Saturday, 5th September from 2.30 to 5pm.
Find detailed info on facebook HERE.
Please contact Alina directly with all questions you might have, thank you via email to alina !!