Schedule changes this week 13 & 15 August!

Schedule changes this week 13 & 15 August!

Apologies for the short notice everyone!
Some weeks simply have a different dynamic than others….

This Thursday’s Led Ashtanga Yoga class with Isabel had to be cancelled due to our busy teacher travelling. Keep up your practice and join Isabel again on Monday at 6pm! 🙂

Instead of this Saturday’s Yin Yoga class, Mayatiita Devi will hold a Sound Healing at 6pm, using didgeridoo and her voice. More info HERE.

From next Friday, 21st August onwards, Rachel will start her Vinyasa Flow classes 30min. earlier, thus already at 6.30pm! The Vinyasa Flow class on 14th will be held by beloved Beccaji – join them for a great Flow experience at InLight!

The Saturday Yin yoga classes from 22d August onwards will be held by Åsa Catriona who will replace lovely Andrea Bognár who decided to go back studying even more. Thank you Andrea & welcome Åsa!

Thank you for your flexibility & spontaneity!!