Dear friends, regular ​& occasional collaborators​ of InLight!
It​’s with deep pleasure and lalala ​a ​warm heart that we​’re sending y​o​u ​this special invitation:
Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of InLight​ with us​!
Oh yes, ​​time fl​ie​s, the project ​is growing, and you are part of it​. So let’s get together and party! ​We’re proposing the following programm​e:
Sunday, 17 April DOG HORSE
11am ​to 4pm: ​Pic-nic in the ​​countryside​​ ​(Cotifo near Odiáxere) .
We will send the map ​& way description ​soon.*
​We​’ll prepare some food and drinks and a nice place to sit ​under a tree ​and have fun among the flowers​.​ Please bring something to eat​ as well so that we can add to the collective ​brunch ​- and also music instrument​s to add to the fun.
* ​I​f you need a ride or ​can take others along (from where?), please contact us. ​W​e want to organize ​the transport with as few cars ​as ​possible!
7pm: Cinema at InLight – surprise movie :)
We hope you can join us in this celebration​. May we walk​ many steps together​ in the near future!​

Shiny hugs from the InLighters,

Inês, Karuna & Soraia