“Tensions in your body are nothing but tensions in your consciousness.” – Martin Brofman

*Do you have parts of your body or of your life that are not functioning well?
*Do you want to know what you are doing in your consciousness that causes these imbalances?
– Bring your questions, they will be answered in this intense mini workshop on Saturday, 3rd February from 12.30 – 5.30pm with Susana Barocco.

Our body and what happens in our life, are the reflection of your inner being.

The parts of your body that don’t work properly reflect the areas of your life that are not well and cause tension in your consciousness. Tension is stress and stress causes health problems.

If you wish to release any health problem, you first need to release the tension that is at its source. ​

Come to know what you can change to help the healing process. We will practice healing with white light and also healing with chakras. More info HERE.

The workshop will be taught in either English and/or Portuguese, depending on the audience.
Please make sure to register by 1st February by either email to info @inlight. pt or by text message to +351/ 913 127 421.