NEW: Weekly Mat PILATES class on Tue/Sat


Join Claire Gilliotte for this new PILATES class on the mat - every Tuesday at 12.30pm from now till 17th March inclusive! And from as soon as 29th February, she'll offer them also on Saturday

NEW: Weekly Mat PILATES class on Tue/Sat2020-02-20T10:07:03+00:00

Autumn Yoga Schedule


Dear InLight community,   With a tear in the eye we announce that Puck, who taught countless yoga classes of various styles at InLight right back from our start in 2014, returned to Sweden for personal

Autumn Yoga Schedule2018-10-08T08:39:44+00:00

Puck’s baby girl has arrived – heartfelt congratulations!!


The exciting news has already been widely spread: Today, 26th November Puck, who is one of InLight's main and senior yoga teachers, has given birth to the healthy gorgeous baby girl named Shivani. We express our warmest congratulations to Puck, Luís &

Puck’s baby girl has arrived – heartfelt congratulations!!2017-11-01T03:03:18+00:00

Puck has returned with a new focus


As many might have already noticed: Puck is back from India earlier than in the past years :-). Having resumed most of her old classes, she has added a stronger focus on alignment especially to her

Puck has returned with a new focus2017-02-23T01:58:40+00:00


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