Daily Online Classes

We currently offer about 20 weekly interactive live streaming sessions with individual corrections for those who cannot join us in person at our yoga studio in Lagos.

PLEASE NOTE: these are for online classes only, not studio. Studio classes can only be bought and paid at the studio.

Please see the studio timetable for more information.

Make your reservation:
+351 913 127 421
available on Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram.

We’re happy to see you online or at our Yoga Studio in Lagos:
Travessa do Forno 4, Lagos Portugal

Welcome to InLight’s LIVE STREAM Platform with a variety of daily YOGA & PILATES classes!

To get quick & easy access to all daily classes, we have changed to an automated Booking system on our ONLINE CLASSES page.

If this will be your first Zoom live stream experience, you might want to have a read through the below step-by-step information. See you on the mat!



+ Download the free zoom software prior to the class onto the device with which you want to enjoy the virtual classes or stream directly from a browser. – Ideally use a device which you can plug into a bigger (TV) screen.

+ Sign up directly when booking a class from the calendar to be able to have direct access to the live streaming classes. The unique Zoom links will be sent to you by email & you can also access them from inside the Booking system.
If you have any question regarding paying for classes, please contact us.

+ Join classes a few minutes early by clicking on the Zoom link provided in the class information. You will then automatically be taken to the virtual class room after putting in the provided Zoom meeting password.

+ When prompted, confirm “Call via Device Audio” which pops up above the “Join Audio” sign.
Any questions? Please contact InLight or the teacher of the class ideally at least 1 hour prior to a class to help you get started.

+ Place your device from which you log onto zoom in a good position near your mat – mostly we recommend to have the device camera placed to your side if you want the teachers to see you well and enable them to correct you. But of course, you can also join without sharing your video with the online classroom.

+ During the class, you want to make sure to follow the class in “SPEAKER VIEW” by selecting from the Zoom menu at the top right corner (or top left corner on ipads). The “speaker view” (versus gallery view) allows you to see the teacher enlarged to better follow the class.

+ Check audio and video function at bottom left menu bar (by clicking on arrows next to audio/video icons you can adjust your settings – You can choose to join with your video on or off.

+ Enjoy the chat function with other participants and the teacher prior to the class (about 15min. before class start)! – The presetting will make you log onto the virtual classroom with video & audio off, so it is up to you to share especially your video if you want corrections during the class.

+ Last but not least, we kindly ask you to remain MUTED during the class, except requested differently by the teacher, so that the others don’t hear possible background noise from you. If you attend a small class and might have a quick question, it will be okay to unmute yourself during class. Thank you & see you on the mat!


Any question? – Please get in touch with inLight Yoga Studio in Lagos.

We’ll be happy to help you to the best of our capacities. Blessings!

Make your reservation:
+351 913 127 421
available on Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram.

We’re happy to see you at our Yoga Studio:
Travessa do Forno 4, Lagos Portugal

How to pay the online yoga studio classes

Trial pack for new online clients:
Up to 3 classes for €25 to consume within 7 days

Regular class pass options:
1 class €12 (valid for 7 days)
5 classes €45 (valid for 90 days)
10 classes €65 (valid for 30! days)
10 classes €75 (valid for 90 days)
20 classes €130 (valid for 90 days)

Please note that these changes will apply to all new purchases and renewals starting from May 1, 2023.

*A 5% booking fee is added by Ribbon when purchased via the Ribbon booking system.
Validity 3 months from the date of purchase, except for Trial pack & single class. However, unused prepaid amounts may get carried over to your regular studio card whenever you (re)join the InLight studio in Lagos.

PAYMENT can be made via

+ Credit Card for fixed class pass value
+ PayPal to info@inlight.pt for any amount
+ Bank transfer to Portuguese EuroBic Bank:
IBAN PT50007900008682020610161 – please notify info@inlight.pt about any transfer made!
+ Cash at the studio
+ Using up a previously purchased studio card (please email/ whatsapp your preference – we are always happy to give you the latest info about how many classes you have left on your studio card).


If you currently find yourself in a position where you need to strictly keep your outgoings to top essential things only but know that you would benefit from our classes, please do contact us and discuss individual options of joining InLight’s interactive online platform.

In case you are able to DONATE any amount to support the InLight studio & its clients, please notify us about your donation. With Love & Gratitude!