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The 7 Luohan GiGong (Energy Ball) practices are based on Ng Lun Pakua Kuen energy activation techniques, called Buddha Experience Chi and Buddha Sharing Chi, which can be performed in a circle, individually or in groups, so as to establish an energy exchange relationship between the people involved.
The Energy Ball exercises are intended to stimulate the conduction of energy through the body’s energy channels (meridians) using energy visualization techniques, breathing techniques and subtle body movements. The slow, smooth, fluid and circular execution of the movements activates the circulation of energy, promoting an internal heat that is expressed externally.
Individual Energy Ball Exercises – Buddha Experience Chi
1.Center the Chi
2.Push the Chi
3.Absorbing Chi
4. Expel Chi
5. Moving Chi in the Jiaos
Collective Exercises of the Energy Ball – Buddha Shares the Chi
6. Clairvoyance of the Spirit
7. Nourish the Shen

We will be fortunate to have the two professional musicians Pedro Glória and Delterra Michael accompany us with a sound healing.


Cost: 20€/ session or 35€ for both sessions
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