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Welcome dear ones to this unique Chakra Activation with Crystal Singing Bowls & Voice, framed with a Soundbath by our regional genius Johnny White/ Kior Sound Healing.
In this transformative session we are going to activate our 7 major chakras through the resonance of the crystal singing bowls and our beautiful voices.
Johnny will guide you through each chakra with the corresponding bowl (tuned to a specific frequency for each chakra) and some sacred vowels with the intention to resonate and activate our energy centers.
This will be an ACTIVE session where together we will tone and tune ourselves through the magic of our voices and the crystal bowls.
In the end you will lay down and enjoy a blissful soundbath with Johnny’s crystal bowls, voice and some other healing instruments.
This is an opportunity to learn more about your voice and resonance.
Practical info: Make sure to arrive with a reasonably empty stomach to embark fully on this journey without loosing energy on digestive processes. Johnny’s sound journeys invite you to travel extremely far far away…. 🙂
Please reserve your space asap with InLight: Whatsapp/ text to (+351/ 913127421) or email to info@inlight.pt
Energy exchange: €12