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The true guidance comes from within.

With these weekly guided meditations you will be invited to tap into your own nature and rest in the silence that you already are. – Join in also on Fridays at 7pm UTC!

The Tuesday morning meditation will be an opportunity to play with imagination. We will use tools like visualizations, breathing and mindfulness techniques to guide you into the present moment.

Access the session a few minutes prior the start via THIS recurring link.


This weekly meditation is offered to you on a donation base.
If you want to give some exchange, please donate to
IBAN: PT50001000005598518000167 on the name of M.R. Bezerra da Silva. _/_

About Mayatiita Devi:

Since 2019 Mayatiita has been called to meditate deeply into the Non-Dual aspect of Existence: in total surrender and deep commitment to the call of her being, every day sitting in silence, willing to go beyond everything that was known. She has been inquiring herself: “If I am aware of my body it is because I am beyond my body. If I am aware of my mind, it is because I am beyond my mind.” 

This willingness took her to the depths of her being, and she realized that whatever she was searching for was already here, always was and will forever be! This recognition of one self is the most powerful gift that one can give to themselves, and once One has realized the most precious gift that One can give is to share one’s own expression of the Source to this beautiful Dream of Life!

So this is her invitation to all of you! That we can meet each other as One! In pure depth! From Source to Source! In Infinite Love as One!