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Hatha Flow

Building strength from the feet up this Hatha yoga class is focused on standing asanas (poses), targeting our lower body.

We will be strengthening, toning and building flexibility in our calves, thighs, hips, and booty using sequences that challenge our balance. We’ll practice a combination of flowing between asanas and find ease & stability in holding them. We will continue to ground through the body by tapping into breath, practicing pranayama before deep relaxation.

Benefits: Stabilize, strengthen and tone the core muscles which in return keep lower back pain away, and help to improve digestion and balance.

Registration is required for all classes. Due to current legal restrictions space is extremely limited for in-studio classes BUT we welcome you to join our interactive LIVE streams via Zoom. Stay cozy in your home and practice with InLight’s popular teachers.

To register for this class, please send a WhatsApp message to: Izabella +351/ 913 366 341

Arrive 10 minutes early wearing a mask, and bring your own towel, if possible, own mat. Thank you for your understanding!

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