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Characteristics: Traditional Hatha postures are linked into a sequence of naturally flowing movements. In this eclectic class, variations of sun salutations, standing, lying and seated poses are explored along with body balancing. You are invited to connect to the breath with the body movement during the “flow” of yoga and deepen into each stretching pose.

Benefits: Enhancing flexibility, alignment and strength; allowing the energy to flow, and providing a deeper state of relaxation for the busy mind.

Registration is required for all classes. Due to current legal restrictions space is extremely limited for in-studio classes BUT we welcome you to join our interactive LIVE streams via Zoom. Stay cozy in your home and practice with InLight’s popular teachers.

To register for this class, please send a WhatsApp message to: Isabel +351 935 501 896 Arrive 10 minutes early wearing a mask, and bring your own towel, if possible, own mat. Thank you for your understanding!

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