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This comprehensive 2-hour workshop will provide you with the tools to release and create better function and control of the hips in order to move more freely.

We will work on better understanding of how the hips affect everything above and below them, and what happens to our posture when our hips don’t function optimally.

Get a new perspective on mobility and stress management through stretching and releasing tension in the muscles surrounding the hip joints. From a lifestyle of sitting long hours in offices and cars, our front hip flexors can become chronically tightened. Having tight hip muscles can lead to misalignment of the hips, pelvis, and over arching of the lower back. Fortunately the benefits of “hip opening” yoga poses/asanas can lead to immediate relief of this muscular tension, and with practice lead to increased mobility and better posture. Besides of our physical habits, the muscles around the hips are often tight in response to habitual environmental and mental stresses. Through systematic stretching of the hips, you can release this stored stress and calm the mind.

As well as our hips need to be opened,we also need to make sure that they are strong and stable. Stability in the hips is crucial for all of us. The hips’ primary function is to bear weight, and we need them to stabilize the upper body, support the lower limbs, and absorb shock from movements such as running and jumping.

This work shop is great for anyone looking to make space and create more movement, mobility, and flexibility within the body, from athletes to office workers, whether you’re looking to gain more flexibility, build strength & stability in your hips and pelvis, release tension from the hips and back, dive deeper into your pigeon pose or if you’re simply in need of an emotional stress release.


Spots are limited, so please register at your earliest convenience – either directly with Puck or with InLight.


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