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Welcome to this live streaming interactive Yoga class with Maria Cruz which is scheduled every Sunday at 6pm Lisbon/ UK time. Please find more infos on how to set up and register for this class HERE.


Class Description:

Awakening the inner fire of purification. We will be exploring the asanas of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Primary Series, also known as Yoga Therapy.

In this journey we take as tools the elements of vinyasa, breath, movement, posture, bandha (physical energy locks) and drishti (visual focus).
As we move from one asana to the next in a set order, we will find peace of mind, gain focus and come to an inner place of balanced emotions. The physical body gains strength, the energy body expands and the mind finds focus in the inner state of peace and contentment.
Maria invites you to a yoga practice free from ambitions, but charged with humbleness and courage to face our limitations as a potential tool for transformation.
“Yoga leads us from impossible to possible – from possible to easy.” – Krisnamacharya
In order to build up a stable practice we just need to go to the mat!