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Welcome to this interactive online YANG TAI CHI class for Beginners which is scheduled on Mondays at 18h and Wednesdays at 16h Lisbon/ UK time. – TAI CHI for Advanced practitioners takes place on Wednesdays at 17h WEST. Please find more info about setting up and registering for this interactive online session HERE.

Class description:

The martial art Tai Chi is known as ’’meditation in movement’’. The practice promotes the constructive and curative work of the vital energy and amplifies the effects of it in the body health. With specific movements, the body, mind and spirit intertwine for relaxation and physical strengthening.

In this weekly class Yang Tai Chi is practiced, especially the 7, 8, 13 and 28 form. The class is taught on a beginners level, open for all, and is meant, above all, as a way of sharing and promoting the collective and individual practice.

Some of the benefits of the practice of Tai Chi:

1. Improving strength, flexibility and balance
2. Improving peace of mind
3. Improving mental clarity and quality of life
4. Pain and stress reduction
5. Increase of body energy (Qi)

The class is held in English.