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In this class we will move the body with mindful awareness, connecting one asana (posture) to the next, using the breath as the bridge.
Vinyasa can be defined as our external movements being the expression of how we feel and think.
This slow paced seamless flow of postures, using the breath as the link, will leaving you feeling grounded, focused and charged with Prana (life force).
Creating your own inner heat by supporting your practice with the use of Bandhas (energy locks), Drishti (visual focus) and Ujjayi Breath (breath with sound) will allow you to detoxify body and mind, while experiencing the expansion of consciousness towards all that is.
We will also explore Pranayama (expansion of life force) and finally indulge the soul in a delightful Savasana – the ultimate integration posture.

Benefits: Great for the cardiovascular system and for building strength and endurance. Detoxification, re-energising, balancing of the hormones, calming the mind.

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