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We are happy to welcome back Jacob Strong and his popular movement workshops!

~ This is Part 1 of a 2-Part Primal Movement series ~
(Part 2 will be held outdoors)

Something is amiss in the way we treat our bodies in respect to “exercise” and “fitness”.

We have this idea that we need to force or submit our bodies in pursuit of an aesthetic ideal.

“No pain, no gain” right?

I personally would like to keep moving well until the day I die.

And it is my belief that we can do so by orienting ourselves instead towards a movement practice better defined by enjoyment, comfort, ease and a greater sense of optionality.

By moving in a way that is closer to how we were evolved to, we can reconnect back to our bodies and our innate capabilities.

Investment: €15

Due to current restrictions, places are limited!

So please contact Jacob through Messenger or via WhatsApp at +351 913 941 380 to reserve your place.

What to expect:

Awareness practices

Natural movements such as rolling, crawling, sitting, squatting

Partner-based games

All levels of practitioner, from beginner to advanced, are welcome!

About Jacob:

Leaving Australia some years ago, Jacob’s journey led him to explore different transformational tools and movement modalities. The development of various embodiment practices, in particular, enabled him to connect deeper with his inner nature and the natural world around him.

As a Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner, Jacob’s focus is on cultivating practices which allow his clients to move better, live well and create lasting personal change. His work recognises the innate need of our bodies to live in harmony and connection with nature.

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