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Welcome to another valuable Breathworkshop with Daniela & Han on a Friday afternoon at the InLight studio in Lagos!

Let us surrender to this global healing crisis and envision a preferred future for all living beings and our beautiful planet. Let’s breathe together to let go of the old and welcome new ways.

Let’s sound together to liberate and unite our voices.

On a general level, you are being offered a unique opportunity to explore your breathing pattern and take your breathwork experience to a new level. We will be combining intentional breathing & vocal toning to facilitate healing. An opportunity to dive deeper into yourself, welcoming the New.

Fee for a 3hrs workshop: € 35

Number of participants is limited, therefore please register as soon as possible. Please email to info@ inlight.pt or text/ whatsapp to (+351) 939.767.950 to get in touch with Breath & Sound directly!


For all your questions about Transformational Breath:

!!Please bring an intention, a water bottle, comfortable loose clothing, and a small towel to support your head. Mats, blankets and couchons are provided. No substantial food 2 hours before the session.

The experienced breathworker couple Daniela & Han, also known as Breath and Sound (www.breathandsound.org) are workshops which are a combination of intentional breathing and vocal sounding practices, sharing circles and meditation designed to open up to life at the core level, and start living it fully.

This process activates and deepens the connection with yourself through your own cycle of breath and through your own voice. Every workshop will include a full breathwork session, vocal sound practices, group exercises, sharing circles and meditations.

You will learn how to use self-created sound (with your voice) to release and balance emotions and transform them into a higher vibrational state. Ancient sound practices will become a support on your healing path.

Together we also experience the power of mantra, to connect to certain aspects of our divine self. Through the experience of this heart opening work you will receive a deeper understanding and level of intimacy with yourself.

The message is also of sharing, of speaking your truth – and of trusting that this too will lead to transformation. You will understand that breath and sound prepare the groundwork for true (inner) change. We will enjoy each other’s support and openness, whilst experiencing the group as an amplifier for our healing.

The workshop will include:
Sharing Circle & Setting Intentions
Breathwork Session (1.5 hrs)
Healing Sound Practices

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