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Come join us for a powerful Meditation with OM, the primordial sound, the source of all other sounds, and the source of all creation. Tuning in to OM brings about inner peace, mental clarity, emotional freedom and physical health.
We will sit in an inner and outer circle (with sufficient distance) and chant OM continuously for 45 minutes with our individual breath length and pitch. The silence that follows afterwards is very inducive to dive into a deep meditative experience.
Usually beautiful additional voices are observed by the participants, and several stages of the shift in energies. Be aware that this is a powerful individual, group but also global practice through which high frequency vibrations of Oneness are spread in the whole area.
Based on the OM Chanting as guided by Babaji and Sri Swami Vishwananda.
No previous experience needed. No registration. Free event, heart donations are welcome to support the continuation of the InLight studio, but not obligatory. _/\_
We ask you to use the self-healing power of your own voice to step more and more into the I AM PRESENCE CONSCIOUSNESS & INFINITE/ ETERNAL AWARENESS and drop all fears that would keep you small and impotent and instead help spread high frequency vibrations of Oneness around the globe. 💜🌟💜