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Yoga Core: Developing stability & strength to add safety and depth to your yoga practice!
This workshop with senior Yoga teacher Puck is all about learning and applying principles of core strength and stability to a safe yoga practice. Common injuries are not only avoided but the stage is set for deepening yoga postures from a place of strength and balance.

The root of many common limitations and injuries in yoga (sore backs, shoulders, hips, etc) often come from a lack of awareness and ability to properly engage core muscle groups, thereby leaving the joints and spine unsupported and vulnerable. Only by establishing a firm foundation of strength, stability and balance can one safely enjoy playing the “edge” in yoga, both exploring individual possibilities and respecting individual limitations.

Also including a more energetic perspective, we will include the deeper and more subtle aspects of the core. How can one feel more confident, more at ease, more in control of our lives?  A sense of true core strength comes from treating your body with dignity and respect. Radiate your inner power and balance the energy of the Third Chakra in the Solar Plexus with this in-depth journey to your true core Self.
Puck is a senior Yoga teacher who has been teaching at InLight for many years. With a deep knowledge of various Yoga lineages, such as traditional Hatha, Yin and mainly Iyengar Yoga, her practice is fueled by a commitment to live healthfully and without suffering. Her teachings are all about finding balance and to continue expanding her awareness. She is also deeply inspired by the sense of self-discovery: going within to explore the best possible version of ourselves.

To register for this class, please send a WhatsApp message to: Puck +351/ 963 879 679.
Arrive 10 minutes early wearing a mask, and bring your own towel, if possible, own mat. Thank you for your understanding!

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