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Anita Fuller – Therapist, Healer, Astrologer

+351/ 932 516 343||https://spiritualhealings.co/

Anita has trained, lived and worked with great teachers and therapists around the globe for 35 years. She now mainly works as a diversely trained Spiritual Healer and Counsellor, offering deep Cellular Healing sessions, Hypnotherapy, Regression, Rebirthing, and Astrological & Life coaching for individuals, couples and groups.

Remote sessions are mostly done via Skype or Whatsapp. A 5 minutes consultation is offered for free prior to a session to see what session suits best.

Much of Anita‘s rich work experience has largely unravelled through her deep, colourful, diverse, beautiful – and often very challenging – life experiences. Her fire for self-discovery and always evolving has taken her across the planet to far off interesting and unusual places. She has spent much time exploring nature and been in both reflective solitude and highly engaged in relating with others through both individuals as well as group work, within Spiritual growth communities.

This involved deep inner exploration and intense soul searching, as well as living in powerful healing centres from East to West that served as potent gateways for transformation.
Anita has trained with some of the best international therapists and teachers, working with others in their quest for healing and self-discovery.

She lived worked and studied in wonderful places such as India, The Himalayas, U.K., South America, especially Brazil, Europe and the Middle East. Discovering deep within the tapestry of her Psyche, an ability to emerge out into the light of day dis-covering Source: shining like as a boundless diamond at the heart of it all!

She has trained, lived and worked with great teachers and therapists at the famous renowned Osho Humaniversity in India and Holland, also with amazingly dedicated Spirit healing mediums in Brazil for over 17 years. She has worked with many varied forms of intuitive bodywork and massage in London, India, Europe and the Middle East (including Myo-facial release, deep tissue, Rolfing, Cranio sacral, Tibetan pulse healing, intuitive massage and Rebalancing and she then developed her own style, incorporating all these methods and more).

Anita also trained in holistic breath work with Sondra Ray, founder of Rebirthing and Loving relationships training, various forms of Hypnotherapy, Hypno-cellular healing, Regression, working with trauma, N.L.P. and the Lightening Process, a life long self study and interest in Astrology charts and combining charts and her main love: Meditation and Self enquiry.

Anita’s childhood was a difficult one littered with pain and suffering. She was always very sensitive to undercurrents around her, both within the family and out in the world. She has psychic abilities. From a very young age she burned with the need to know what she was doing here on planet Earth and who she was. These early year are what 

certainly propelled her into a deep urge to free herself from suffering and to emerge a brighter, freer human BEING… She remembers as a small child laying in her bedroom wondering where she came from and travelled back deep inside herself, to a deep, dark void and knew she was boundless! – But what was she doing here!!? Her dis-ease with her earlier life was probably the catalyst that propelled her to disengage from her physical form and move into the astral/spiritual realms as a child and young woman.

Ever since she can remember she has felt in her heart’s prayer, the wish to aid others in their quest for freedom from suffering. Having experienced piercingly painful experiences herself, has gifted her with the ability to understand with depth and compassion, how to open the way for others in their urge to come out of their own suffering into freedom.

Anita has been immersed in various methods of meditation as well as satsang and Self enquiry for many years… yet perhaps her rich life experiences are what have produced the biggest  impact on her growth and transformation. When the fruit was ripe it was ready to fall from the tree and often in the most unlikely and unexpected circumstances!

Now coming home inside, she is happy to share her wisdom, love and compassion with others.  She uses an intuitive blend of every tool and direct experience she has learnt or unlearnt over many years. This creates a vital, alive, deep and  transformative healing experience. Most of all she loves her work and she is known for her warmth, sparkle, compassion, fun and deep way of penetrating to the heart of what needs to be unravelled and healed. She is also known for her direct sword of truth in calling people on their blind spots and bullshit!

Anita now lives quite simply, she loves to spend time quietly in nature or at home and quality time with friends and loved ones. She works both in groups and individually in their quest for healing and unravelling the ties that bind. She loves music and driving  out in her camper into an unknown destinations for the fun of it, gazing out into vast open horizons!  Quiet spaces reflecting. She lives between Portugal and Brazil.

She is still happy to travel internationally. If Anita is invited by a group to work and explore healing and freedom in a group setting and if anyone wishes to gather a group together with a place where we can host the group she is happy to discuss this – also online.

Anita senses that it has become evermore imperative for us as a human species to embrace transformation and a new fresh way of being Now… like there’s no time left to delay or hold on to our old ways of living. Now the time is fully ripe for transmutation into a whole New
way of Being. You are invited to come out of suffering and embrace the Peace that vibrates behind all form.
A few snippets of Anita‘s testimonials:

“There is something about Anita that strikes you as soon as she enters the room. A certain beauty, tenderness and strength of spirit draws you in. I spent six sessions with Anita over a two week period and she is incredibly gifted.
I have never experienced such a quick turn around of my feelings after sessions with her. She was able to draw out my deepest worries and turn them into totally new ways of perceiving.
She gave me tools that i will forever carry in my pocket and which, even though is perhaps dramatic to say, have really changed my life. The passion she has for her work comes out in every look, touch and time she spends with you. I recommend her work to the full.”
Gillian Cook P.R.  Amsterdam. April 2016

“My trip to Brazil with Anita was a very enlightening experience. I received obvious physical as well as spiritual healing. My Spiritual awareness has been greatly expanded. I feel and know this will continue on through the years, that is the impact the trip has on me. As a guide and facilitator Anita went above and beyond her responsibilities to care for and support and heal. It is evident that she really wants people to receive the most out of their time with her. She has become a dear friend and would be welcome to my home and country anytime. I do not hesitate in recommending her  for your healing work and journey.”
Cindy Johnson, Salem, Oregon, USA. 23rd December 2007

“Thanks to Anita for being such a great guide and a wonderful friend and a loving ‘Mother Hen’ to all us chicks. She REALLY went beyond her call of duty during every aspect of our experience on our Brazil Healing journey. She helped us have a most full filling time and help Earth us as we floated out of the current and meditation rooms! She is a very dear sweet woman and a whole lot of fun too! With Love towards her always.”
Randy U.S.A.

“I will not hesitate to recommend Anita for her warm gentle heart, caring and support, during our healing  time in the healing centre in Brazil. She was able to blend perfectly being available for us when needed and to leave us space alone when it was also needed. That in
itself is an art for a group leader. She knew exactly how to deal with the daily ramifications of such an experience. She holds a compassionate and considerate space for the whole group.
This was a journey within and without loving and very informative and transformative on all levels. Thank you Anita for being there for us. We look forward to continuing our friendship.”
Julie London U.K. November 2015

Anita showed a delicate balance between giving us our  much needed space as well as full support when we needed it on all levels. This was a phenomenal group experience made all the better by having Anita as our facilitator and guide. She has much wisdom, caring and warmth and many years under her belt working with people in an often deeply intimate
situation. Again many many thanks.”
P.G. London U.K. 2012

“Dear Anita … What a magical and transformative time it has been with you. Your love and support helped me to unlock and heal at deep levels! Thanks for everything you have offered my team and myself.”
David Greene  November 2010. U.K.

“Thanks for all your dedication and support as well as heartfelt guidance during this unique unforgettable healing experience. Your kindness and generous heart are a true gift!  With much Love” Jan  November 2010

“Thank you sooo much Anita for a wonderful, spiritual time i will never forget it! It has changed my life in so many ways.”
Sue  2010

“Thank you very dear Anita, i cannot thank you enough for your kindness, guidance, love and support in the last 2 weeks. You are you are a true soul sister and i felt very nourished in your presence! Many Blessings ahead and happy journeying and group works, till perhaps we meet again.”
Julie Hodgkiss U.K.

“Dear Anita, What a wonderful person! All that is given is not given is lost …keep on giving! Best wishes and take great care of you. ”
Martin.  November 2011

“Thank you Anita for being our guide and for everything you have provided and done for us this journey and healing experience. We received far more than we every imagined we would. Your care and know how is unparalleled. We are so glad we chose your venture and you to be the one to support our process in healing. I was spot on about that!  You managed to give equal to each person in the whole group  and to blend our needs together. I cannot say how thankful we are. The group being so diverse and different cultures, you have a real talent with people and healing! Godbless you forever. With all our love. Please do visit us in Germany when you come over we would be more than happy to have you and we will take care of you for a change, we will do the hosting.”
C and S Von Stepski

“Thanks Anita for everything, you are a real jewel. A one off in how you managed our group, all of us different and how you allowed us our own time  and yet were there for us whenever it counted. We never once felt neglected, the time and genuine care you showed us at every turn. We were able to therefore give all our focus to our own personal healing much more fully. Also for all the advice and practical help you gave us. Mostly for helping in the most difficult aspects of our personal healing process. We will remember you forever and now feel we have a new friend full of life and warmth. Love you!”
Paul Sam Sin Holland.  September 2018

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