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Beatrix Denneborg


Beatrix Denneborg is originally from Vienna, Austria. As she’s always loved the sea, Mama Ocean, she moved in 1987 to the Algarve, where the wild ocean hugs the shore. The sea is a very good teacher that she respects deeply with its teaching about rhythm, flowing, giving and taking, and being – beautiful and alive.

As a massage therapist and Biodanza facilitator for private clients, and offering events for over 20 years, Trixie’s interest lies in the support of personal growth and finding the essence of our core. To this end she finds herself continuously studying and researching. More recently she has also undergone a Yoga teachers training in India.

Encounter and contact, touch and being “in the flow” are her concerns as a masseuse and Biodanza teacher. It is her heartfelt believe that it is our birthright to feel alive, vibrant and radiant.
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