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Boaz Capsouto

+351/ 911 069 090||www.AwakeningAndTransformation.com

InLight feels deeply honoured to have had Boaz join the team of skilled therapists at the studio. His extremely specialized offers at InLight are
* Taoist Yin-Yang Tantra Massage
* PandoraStar™ Brain/Mind Acceleration
* Holistic 1:1 Mentoring 

Boaz is passionate about the human inner landscape, and about cultivating collective transformation and personal evolution. As part of his own journey and evolution, he deeply enjoys supporting others who have chosen to set off on a similar journey.

Intrigued by the powerful interaction between love, awareness, body & mind, and how they manifest in our everyday life, Boaz sees life as a journey of breaking through habitual patterns, liberating ourselves from their grip and learning how to walk through life in a more Awake, Mature and Human way. Living our fullest potential can be achieved by a practice of Self-Remembrance, Embodiment, Healing and Awakening, reached by cleaning our vessel; shedding the unnecessary layers that blind us from our deeper divine core.

In his approach he feels called to help people cultivate 3 major qualities which are usually missing from our “normal” modern life: Acceptance of ourselves and others, Re-connecting to our bodies (and re-claiming them), and becoming as present as possible to what is, now. He integrates these principles both in his work and personal life regularly, using a variety of modalities.

Boaz has a wide & diverse background from Business to Esoteric, and has trained with the best teachers all around the world. One could say that his path of awakening is an integration of Sufi practices, a Non-Duality mindset, a Buddhist approach, a Business & Scientific background, Gender Activism and Neo-Tantric bodywork.

Read up more on Boaz, his personal story and testimonials HERE.


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