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Daniela and Han have been deeply involved in inner growth work over the past 15 years. Their personal path of healing started with a breathwork session. Since that first, profound experience they both fell in love with the undying wisdom of the body. They felt called to study Transformational Breath®  and started guiding groups in the Netherlands. In the following 7 years, they intensively engaged with different body-related therapies like Rebalancing bodywork®, tantric teachings and vocal bodywork. Simultaneously they immersed themselves in the mysterious teachings of many different medicinal plants and their spiritual lessons.

All of this led them to move to Portugal in 2012, as they felt a strong calling to set up a healing retreat centre in nature. They found what they were looking for in the mesmerizing landscape around the Serra da Estrela in Central Portugal. Here they created a paradise of their own and started organizing retreats which involved breathwork, meditation, vocal toning and medicine plant ceremonies. A devastating wildfire in 2017 made an end to all of this.

After some time of rejuvenation, they continued their journey southwards into the Alentejo region, where they helped to set up a project involving addiction treatment. Over a year later they felt it was time to move on and to start a project of their own again. Their first love, breathwork, kept calling, and they felt drawn to combine this with another passion of theirs: vocal sound practices.

Through Breath∞Sound the next phase of their path unfolds in the Algarve, where they will be offering ancient but simple ways to reconnect people to their breath and their voices, to become more of that what we already are: Love.

Daniela and Han are looking forward to creating safe and sacred spaces where people open up to themselves and start listening and expressing to what is coming from within.

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