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Doni Islamov


His classes are mainly tailored for the intermediate and advanced Yoga practitioners, but also for individuals practicing CrossFit or MMA and who are looking for an additional practice that focuses on improving strength, flexibility and coordination, but also on controlling the mind.

Doni has also trained in Traditional Thai massage and Thai Reiki massage and has experienced several Vipassana and other group mediation retreats in Buddhist yogic tradition.

Doni is an experienced and certified yoga teacher who trained as a teacher in India. He has worked full time as a yoga instructor since 2010 with yoga being his biggest passion in life, professionally and personally. Coming from a background of martial arts (Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Muay Thai), he disposes of vast knowledge and skills with regards to movement, anatomy and the physical and mental bodies working together.

Despite results and physical success in the fields of martial arts, he felt a strong need and longing for a practice that worked on the mind in a deeper way, this is what originally brought him to Yoga. After qualifying as a teacher he has taught yoga at many places around the globe. On his breaks from work he was always traveling, searching for teachers and practices that could deepen and develop his own path and practice. He was fortunate enough to meet profound teachers who initiated him in various traditions. He met his root Guru from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, a highly realized and recognized Rinpoche in Nepal, and got initiated into the Varjasattva practices by him.

When traveling through Thailand to explore the spiritual traditions of the country, he encountered a small group of Buddhist shamans living in the north of Thailand, dedicating their lives to heal and help people in need completely free of charge. As the kind and generous people that they are, they offered to teach Doni about their healing methods and practices. During the last few years Doni spent long periods of time training with and learning from this remarkable group of people. During the last two years Doni has also started learning Qigong from a trained Buddhist Shaolin teacher and now likes to incorporate some Qigong elements into his yoga classes.


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