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Dr Eric Karlsson


Eric Karlsson is Doctor of Naprapathy, Nature Cure practitioner, Lifestyle Consultant, Self-Healing Educator, and Hydrotherapist. He has worked in several health centres including the famous Follingegarden where the effect of plant based nutrition on very sick people has been studied scientifically.
Eric studied Nature Cure with the legendary Kenneth S. Jaffrey in Australia. He is dedicated to natural therapy and natural living, and to finding the causes of disease and conveying knowledge that enables individuals to take control over their own health.

He is a lecturer on health, healing and lifestyle. He teaches Self-Healing, plant based nutrition, fresh and raw food, edible wild plants, spinal exercise etc. as well as practises Naprapathy and other natural therapies.
He has 40 years of experience with natural healing methods and fresh and raw foods.

Nature Cure can be defined as the holistic teachings of natural living and natural health care.
Nature Cure is the teachings of the basic conditions that are necessary for a life in health and how to regain health in a natural way. Nature Cure teaches that the body is self-healing, self-regenerating and that health is the normal, natural state of the body and mind. Health ought to be our birthright to enjoy. Nature Cure is based on a holistic philosophy and scientific facts. Holistic means that all factors that may influence health and healing are considered.

Naprapathy focuses on the treatment of spinal, muscular and joint problems, disc lesions, headache, migraine and more and was founded by Dr. Oakley Smith about 100 years ago. Smith was a chiropractor who went to study soft tissues. He found that scar tissue or hardening of the tissues causes what he called “secondary pathology”. By treating scar tissue, he could free up the nerve force and the blood and lymph circulation, thereby aid the body to heal itself. Naprapaths treat spinal- and muscular problems, headache, migraines etc. Doctors of Naprapathy are licensed in Sweden. 



  • Doctor of Naprapathy (Sweden 1983). Registered naprapath in Sweden.
  • Diploma in Nature Cure (Australia 1992). A student of legendary nature cure practitioner, chiropractor, osteopath, author, master iris diagnostician and fasting expert Kenneth S. Jaffrey also well known as charismatic lecturer 3333 times!
  • Worked with the legendary naturopath and health pedagogue Lilly Johansson (Sweden) at her health and convalescent centre. Her methods have been scientifically investigated and found to cure or improve the health of 94% of patients, that were previously treated by modern medicine for an average of eleven years, without any improvement or with deterioration.
  • Diplomas in: Swedish Massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Physiotherapy and Reflexology (Sweden).
  • Certificate courses in Basic Principles of Occlusion and two courses in Biological Medicine (Sweden).
  • Remedial Massage Therapist (Australia).
  • Accredited WorkCover Provider (Australia).


  • To make knowledge of healing and human biology available to anyone interested.
  • To help and assist anyone diseased to the state of health by means of education and natural therapy.
  • To teach the philosophy of natural health and healing and to promote the works of such eminent authorities as Vincent Priessnitz, Louis Kuhne, Dr. Russel T. Trall, Professor Edmond Szekely, Dr. John Tilden, Mahatma Gandhi, Herbert Shelton, Sarma K. Lakshman, Lilly Johansson and Kenneth S. Jaffrey. To bring this knowledge to the future.
  • To promote a lifestyle which is in harmony with nature and thus sustainable.
  • I aim that the fee that the patient or student pay me shall be paid back at least double. Not only in better health, but also in money in the form of less sick leave days, higher efficiency in general, less or no costs to doctors, dentists, psychologists, opticians, chiropractors and other therapists as well as on medicines, remedies, cosmetics, vanity, food, junk, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, sweets etc. A more simple lifestyle is one reason of the explanation of the savings. Also in saving time spent on health problems. I believe that when the patient follow my advice then my fee will be paid back many, many times.
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