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Edina Kozma – Healer


Edina has inherited her healing ability from her father’s lineage. She’s dedicated her life to study and spiritual practice from various masters for far more than 20 years. By now she’s become the channel of a totally new energy that is more ancient than our oldest written recollections. She has become a transformative channel for those who radically want to live an authentic life free of boundaries to experience a wider spectrum of reality that goes beyond the third dimension experienced on Earth.

Contact Edina directly for individual sessions – typically a set of 3 sessions is necessary to experience a profound change.


Read more about the latest message to humanity that is reaching us through Edina from late October 2019:

The rise in the Earth’s vibration and the many other transformations taking place are starting to affect our physical and mental health. The combination of these, together with strengthened heavy karmic burdens and individual destinies ensure that no one will be able to avoid change.
Two years ago, I was led to embark on a study retreat in Chile-Patagonia. There I have been channelling high-vibration, immaterial energy beings, from which it seems obvious that we need to become refined and grow together with the frequencies. In other words, we need to raise our levels of Love.
My teachers have indicated that what we choose now will determine the type of environment we are going to live in and how these transformations will affect us, and have offered guidance towards an extremely high level of infinitely expanded love and awareness.
They have advised me to return to Europe to connect those in whom my story, my message resonates, to offer a handrail to those who need it in the midst of strong change, and to offer companionship to those who have walked or are walking this path themselves.

My work is now to primarily connect high-consciousness, love-vibrating bodily guides with those who want to experience a wider spectrum of reality that goes beyond the third dimension experienced on Earth. One that can give us an insight into our own complete self, the way and quality of life, to maximise our potential, what we were created for. The degree of experience depends on the individual, and if you like what you see, with adequate investment, you can determine your own quality of life.


CURRENT SERVICES ON OFFER, directly to be booked with Edina:


Individual Alignment & Healing
On the first meeting, you get tuned in and scanned, so your highest guides can “tell” which areas of life need to be changed, mapping the way to get there, after which we can start working together.
Three sessions are required for a complete alignment, to a comprehensive clean up at all levels, during which your guides will teach you how to contact them on our own.
Each time, focusing on areas of particular importance to you. Full immersion in the subject, question and answer session, then some homework. From the second session onwards, discussing and processing what had happened since the previous time. In almost every case, the third time is the turning point, where the major breakthrough occurs. Untill then, bringing things to the surface, and confrontation with all of it. Finally, to find a method of anchoring in the new direction.
In the case of a family, each member of the family requires a separate alignment, which is free for children.
One session takes about 2 hours.
Single question session
You can ask your question after the initial energetic scan and alignment. The question can be about anything. Usual areas of focus are: relationship, family, career, health, spiritual path, life goals, energetic compatibility with a certain space, person, family, job…
Individual Connecting to your Highest Guides
This session focuses on clearing you energetically from whatever holds you from connecting to your Highest Guides. Your channel will be cleared and you learn to establish your own reconnection with Source or whatever you call your highest Guidance.
This session is also recommended for those who are beyond the individual sessions, but feel the need to keep in touch or receive a boost in case they get stuck working on their own.
This session takes about 30 minutes and you are requested to afterwards stay with your guides for another 1 or 2 hours.
Weekly Free Online Talks with Q&A
The Earth’s frequency is constantly rising. Everybody has the opportunity to rise to a 5th dimensional living from a 3rd dimensional one. To do this, the physical body and the nervous system must follow this process, otherwise the frequency difference could generate a series of physical, mental and emotional problems. The formless high-frequency beings that I channel have important messages for you for this crucial time of humankind which we share during these talks.
Within the framework of this weekly talks, you are invited to meet me and Janak, who has been working as coach over decades, in person and ask questions.
Information about Distant or Remote Sessions
Sessions can currently take place only remotely (e.g. via skype, zoom or whatsapp).
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