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Glenn Jonathans

(+351) 914 119 185|https://glennjonathans.wordpress.com/

Glenn has worked as a Reiki Master since 1993 in the 6th Generation of the traditional Mikao Usui Lineage and enjoys also many other methods of spiritual healing. She moreover offers energetic cleanings and shamanic work.

Glenn was born in Indonesia, grew up in Holland and worked and lived in Canada, Germany and Spain. Portugal is the country where her heart and spiritual awakening are flourishing the most.

She offers massage with Chakra Healing, Lemurian Healing for children, Reiki Mariel, remote/ distance healing. Furthermore her clients are grateful for her Akashic record consultations, Personal and Family Karma Spiritual Healing, Magnified Healing, as well as relaxing and foot massage according to Fred van Beek. Energetic cleaning and shamanic work is also part of this experienced healing channel.

All work is done in the spirit of Guidance and Grace of the Masters – giving and  receiving Love and Light.

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