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Janaka/ Ervin Oliver Miklós

Janaka/ Ervin Oliver Miklós from Budapest serves as a Transformational Life Coach, Crisis Manager, Problem Solver.

Janaka had a life-turning Enlightenment experience at the age of 19.
Besides his Studies of Science, he went into an intense practice of different meditation schools in order to “get back” his experience.
He found many statutory similarities between the quantum world and the mental world and studied thoroughly the western philosophies and psychologies as well. Besides his Science teacher profession he became a Raja Yoga teacher and started to guide courses, workshops, retreats.

At the age of 30 he opened the “Deep Waters” spiritual and cultural studio in Budapest. After three years he left his “life” behind and went for many years into retreat in order to accomplish his practices.
Five years later he started to guide workshops again but only for small groups and offered personal sessions.
In order to speak the language of his clients, he picked up several online university courses of different fields: Art, Science, History, Economy, etc.

Today he is an expert in Life/ Family/ Partnership Coaching, Crisis Managment, Problem Solving. For his work he uses his 30 years of meditation experiences and university studies.
For small groups he is leading i.a. “Rewiring” courses where he teaches basic technics of mind-hacking and deconditioning.

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