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Jazz Meyer

Jazz Meyer is dedicated to bringing love, empathy, understanding, and liberation to as many fellow humans as she possibly can. Her mission is empowering people to make their lives, and the world, better. Jazz is a big believer in the power of authentic and honest communication and she uses a number of tools to maintain a space in which vulnerability and honesty are honoured and upheld.
Originally from Australia, her journey with communication tools began in Berlin in 2014 when she first discovered Authentic Relating and Circling. Since then she has delved into a variety of tools for building individual and communal connections and now teaches Nonviolent Communication as a way of life. She is passionate about the power that this philosophy and methodology holds and wants to share it with the world, making it accessible to everyone.
With Nonviolent Communication, Authentic Relating and a collection of other connecting tools, she desires to humbly bring liberation and love to all those she can.
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