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John Lewis Price & Lindsay Gear

John Lewis Price

Before living in India, John was a professional musician and yoga teacher. His journey into Indian Classical music started with ten years of playing the tabla drums and led him to begin to explore Indian singing. He found the traditional and rigorous training of Indian Classical music to be a perfect combination of music and yoga. John sees his disciplined singing practice as his interpretation of  ‘Nad Yog’ or ‘Sound Yoga’, an ancient Indian metaphysical practice.

Lindsay Gear

In 2008, Lindsay joined John at the music school where he studies in India. While in India, she studied tabla rhythms on a folk drum called the doluk, much to the bewilderment of their teacher, a tabla master. Since then, Lindsay has dabbled with Indian percussive instruments, including the Pakhawaj drum, the ancient grandfather of the tabla.  In the last year, she began to study tabla under John’s tutelage. Trained in physical theatre, martial arts, and shiatsu massage, as well as being the mother of a 3-year-old, Lindsay has her fingers, toes, and elbows in many pies.


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