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Kaja Depping

+351/ 960 027 373||www.laghavam.com

Kaja’s style of yoga has evolved and changed a lot within the last years after having completed her 4 years’ teacher training. Yoga personally helped her overcoming her panic attacks and anxiety. She learned to be more in contact with herself and also sit with certain feelings, experiencing that they come and go and don’t harm her.

Kaja is a very sensitive person – a gift that helps her to empathize with her students, helping them to transform certain patterns.

The yoga she teaches is a mix of the classical Hatha yoga, which was the main part during her studies, combined with more dynamic vinyasa elements. Currently she also adds Deep Stretch Yoga to InLight’s schedule as Thursday lunch classes.

The breath plays a very essential part during her lessons which will allow students to experience different breath awareness techniques with time.

The most important thing for Kaja in yoga is, to meet yourself lovingly and with a lot of self-acceptance. The yoga practice is different every day, as we – our body, our mind – are different every day.

Yoga gives us the possibility to reflect upon ourselves and evolve from there. Yoga doesn’t end when you leave the mat, this actually is the moment where it really begins – integrating what you’ve learned and experienced on the mat into your daily life.

Kaja teaches all levels of students, and it is especially important to her that everyone can attend her classes, regardless of their physical condition.

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