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Lisa Francesca Lewak

(+351) 920 573 949||www.goingbeyondcentre.com

Lisa Francesca Lewak MA CMT CST has been working as a transformation life coach, consultant & practitioner in alternative medicine and natural health for many years. She is a medicine woman working in the Shamanic tradition with its many tools and healings rituals. For the past 20 years she was living in Canada.

As an author her book titled “Loving Who I Am: A Journey to the Heart” will take you on a journey of personal discovery & self transformation. As it is a blueprint for learning how to heal your heart & to love who you are.

For 35 years Lisa has lived & worked around the world teaching and lecturing.


Some more information on Lisa Francesca:

Lisa Francesca Lewak was born and grew up in London, England, and is of Eastern European ascent. Her love for travelling and learning about other people and cultures has taken her across the globe, working as a lecturer and teacher in places as: Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America.

Arriving in Canada late 90’s Lisa qualified as a Holistic practitioner and consultant in Natural Health and Alternative Medicine. She works with modalities including: acupressure and TCM, energy healing, herbology, sound therapy, cranial sacral therapy and therapeutic massage. Her purpose in working with the whole person is to encourage and allow her clients to learn to push and cross boundaries for themselves.

Lisa is also a modern day Medicine Woman with many years of shamanic training. She leads ceremonies, workshops and guides people in how to reconnect to nature in a magical way and reclaim the ancestral knowledge and skills. Lisa has taught workshops internationally on the fundamentals of working with shamanism and its tools, and how to integrate these in to our everyday life.

She shares her personal healing journey with us in her recently published book Loving Who I Am: A Journey to the Heart. The story is about how our heart becomes the target of everything that love is not and in order to protect the heart we closed it down. This situation means we have a hard time loving our self. Loving Who I Am guides you through the many layers of yourself to reconnect to your heart and learn how to love yourself again.

Today, Lisa continues her traveling worldwide offering her services in counseling and therapy, as well as, teaching and facilitating workshops in the program of Loving Who I Am: A Journey to the Heart.


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